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The Choice Schools Association serves as a conduit between its members and other School Choice agencies and organizations, with a primary focus in school quality, member services and a voice for school leaders. The Association embraces a set of guiding principles:

Guiding Principles go csa mke wi

• School quality is of critical importance.
• Funding should follow the child.
• School autonomy must be preserved.
• Faculty success should be measured by student learning and development.
• All parents should have the right to choose.
• Parental choice and self-governing is preferred to state-government regulations.

Upcoming Events

            Meet St. Mary’s Springs Academy

            Spring Field Trip to Fond du Lac
            10-noon, April 7
             255 County Rd K, Fond du Lac


This Choice Schools Association gathering will give schools a chance to see what others in the statewide choice program outside of Milwaukee and Racine are accomplishing. It is a great opportunity for schools to send their teachers who work with special needs students or those who require some extra help to see what the St. Mary’s team is doing.

St. Mary’s is a K-12 school with about 800 students. Its participation in the statewide school choice program has helped redefine private schooling for the area. St. Mary’s has also created an impressive Student Services and Assessment team that identifies and creates strategies to work with students who have special needs or need a boost. Hear from the leaders of the school and tour the new facility, which opened this academic year.

The Choice Schools Association will also host a question and answer session for area schools interested in participating in one of the state’s school choice programs.

10 a.m. – Noon


Welcome from Choice Schools Association 
What Participation in the statewide school choice program has done for us:
Erin Flood, System Principal


Serving all students
Jackie Kraemer, Director of Student Services and Assessment


Questions, challenges and success about your participation in school choice
Q&A opportunity for interested or participating schools to ask questions


Join us in person or via video conference.
RSVP to by April 6.
To join us by videoconference, go to the link below and register by 10 a.m. Friday, April 7.


We have the FOWARD data; now what do we do with it?

Presenter: Stephanie Bernander, Ph.D
Teaching, Learning and Assessment Professor at UW-Oshkosh

9-11:45 a.m.
December 2, 2016
Cousins Center
3501 S. Lake Dr., Milwaukee

In the first of three sessions, Dr. Bernander will lead us in a discussion about what we can learn from the Forward State Assessment data, as well as other assessments tools.  

During this year, Dr. Bernander will guide us in developing a school team to envision where we want to be, creating an action plan to lead us and implementing our plans for school improvement.

This Best Practice session will begin with a brief member meeting. All schools are invited to become members of the Choice Schools Association. The application can be found to the right.

Mark your calendars for the subsequent sessions, also at 9 a.m. at the Cousins Center on February 3 and March 3.


Members-only Roundtable Discussions

Recruiting & Enrollment
2-4 p.m.Jan. 23
United Community Center
1028 S. 9th St., Milwaukee
Ryan Bredow, director of recruitment, admissions and marketing for Lutheran High School Association of Greater Milwaukee, will share strategies to boost your enrollment and attendance next year.
Reserve Planning
2-4 p.m.March 20 
United Community Center
1028 S. 9th St., Milwaukee
Accountants Lori Saqer and Nicole Hultmann will advise schools how to handle the new reserve planning requirements that coincide with the switch to a GAAP audit.



The Schools Association exists to serve students and parents by actively promoting quality in schools and working to empower all parents to have equal access to great schools for their children.


President Laura Sumner Coon
(262) 498-9425 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Applications to:
Treasurer Lori Saqer
Messmer Catholic Schools Inc.
742 W. Capitol Dr.
Milwaukee WI 53206

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