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Guiding Principles  


School Quality is of Critical Importance

CSA member schools:
• actively promote school quality.
• are in a state of constant improvement.

Funding Should Follow the Child

CSA member schools:
• faithfully use per-pupil funding to serve children and families.
• reject the misappropriation of public funds or any other funding sources.

School Autonomy Must Be Preserved

CSA member schools: 
• support a school’s right to develop and practice unique and innovative programs that support student learning.
• focus programs on student growth and success not on individual or personal gain.

Faculty Success Should Be Measured by
Student Learning & Development

CSA member schools :
• ensure qualified teachers and staff are serving families and students.
• use data to measure the effectiveness of staff members.

All Parents Should Have the Right to Choose

CSA member schools: 
• respect parents’ right to choose the best education option for their child.
• create a environment and school program in which all children within the school can be successful.

Parental choice and self-governing is preferred to state-government regulations.



The Schools Association exists to serve students and parents by actively promoting quality in schools and working to empower all parents to have equal access to great schools for their children.


President Laura Sumner Coon
(262) 498-9425 
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Applications to:
Treasurer Lori Saqer
Messmer Catholic Schools Inc.
742 W. Capitol Dr.
Milwaukee WI 53206

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