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“We are a large network of choice schools working together for our common interests, with a mission to serve students and parents by actively promoting quality in our schools and empowering all parents to have equal access to great schools. We are a community of school leaders helping each other to excel.

The Choice Schools Association hosts best practice events, where members can see the best of our schools in action, learn what works and why directly from colleagues, and share their successes with others.

Member Rights

• Provide access to frequent and relevant professional development opportunities and best practices to your staff;
• Make you part of a forum to create collaborative solutions with like-minded colleagues from other choice schools;
• Include you in a cohort of peers who are eager to educate parents and the community about the successes of quality choice schools.

The Choice Schools Association provides vital leadership in the school choice community. General membership meetings of the Association offer you a chance to engage in formal and informal discussions, so your voice is heard on issues of importance and that we can help each other to lead strong, exceptional schools.

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President Laura Sumner Coon
(262) 498-9425 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Applications to:
Treasurer Lori Saqer
Messmer Catholic Schools Inc.
742 W. Capitol Dr.
Milwaukee WI 53206

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